Salvation’s Wings

All of this

could be

a lie.

I could be



All my life

I have tried

to make it up,

but I decline.





You do yours

and I’ll do mine.

At the end

the horizon dies.

Blue to red

then back in time.


I lost time.

I lost my mind.

Kept track of love,

it said “Good-bye”.

My Eastside

gave you to night.

What’s in my mouth

is pacified.



The worlds collide,

sharing the space

we can’t divide.

We die inside.

We ostracize.

Live hand to mouth.

Live tricks of light.


Asking for sight,

respite and things

that fortune brings.

Salvation’s wings.

Never again,

the dying man sings.

He knows the space

that time will bring.


HG – 2017

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