What Are Friends For?

A problem within a problem.

A time within a time.

I hesitate,

miss my escape;

guess I’m on board

for one more ride.

I asked for this,

I can’t deny it.

Caught up in the arms

of desire and regret.

Losing never meant destruction,

it just meant starting

all over again.


Met a friend

who was my shadow,

turns out we share everything.

We hide together in darkness,

I show him how to sin.

Light in the eye offending,

laughing loud and crooked grin;

I am far from isolation,

prison is only a skin.


I asked you to come

to my place,

to bring me

a little more;

you completely

forgot me,

guess I’m not here


Stuck my neck out

one last time,

I found you holding your noose;

what are friends for,

if not the most intimate betrayals?


I don’t know

any other kind of love.

I’ve always existed

slightly going off the rails.

I guess it is

what it is.

Fuck you,

if you think any different.

I’ll just sit here,

with my shadow

and we’ll both fade away

in the common place,

every day,

boring masquerade.


Truth is a blade.

Come where it’s wild.

Sharpen your tongue.

Your face makes me smile.

Here we go again…


HG – 2017

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