Lost Men

I wanted to be happy

for you.

You had so much

to celebrate.

It was cold

and the winter wind

had blown the sky away.

I was young;

not to make excuses,

but it just didn’t occur

that this would change you.


We had spent

all our summers

high and getting higher

and now,

here you were,

off to be grown up.

The betrayal of a lost boy.


I was too rigged in,

too much invested.

I had lost my hope,

to a needle

and a candle flame.

Never mind that old,

black shape shadow

that held me in the corner;


he was a terrible waste.


I should have been there then.

Should have shook your hand.

Maybe if I had,

you wouldn’t need me now,

when I am too far gone

for friendship.


You see;

I fought that monkey on my back.

Battled the jungle for a while.

Swam crocodile infested rivers

and climbed a mountain of my own despair.

When I reached the top,

I looked out

and I was so chocked

that I did see a wasteland,

just a lush and green world.




Then I realized

that I was alive.


I have travelled

far and wide

since then,

even found a new companion

to share the road with  me.

I heard things went south for you

a few years ago

and I tried to reach out,

but you wouldn’t return

my messages.


I know that I wasn’t there

to shake your hand

and tell you how

smart and lucky you were,

all those years ago.


when you went on

where I couldn’t follow?

Let me tell you,

that I know you suffer now,

felling neither smart, nor lucky.

But there’s a forest

that you can only see

from the mountain,

and a few rivers

between here and there.

If you leave now,

you just might make it.

I can’t go with you.

Once more,

you’re on your own.


HG – 2017

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