It is Remembrance Day here in Canada, Veteran’s Day in the U.S., a day that brings reflection, sombre thoughts and feelings of thanksgiving… and guilt. In my life, I never served my nation. I never served anyone, but myself. My best years, when other young men and women tried their worth in the most noble of affairs; I was in the depths of debauchery and madness. I know so many great people who served and some who serve still and while I set aside a moment today to reflect on those who wrote a blank cheque to us for our freedom, part of me wishes things would have been different and that I would have served my country, rather than myself destructive nature.

But I will set aside the indulgence of my own self loathing for a moment today and I will remember them all; those who were and those who are, the best of us. Then, perhaps later, I will enjoy a beverage in the memory of those who cannot and I will give thanks to God that I have had the good fortune to know such great men and women. We, who did not stand beside them, must be content with standing behind them.


Remember them.



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