I’m watching you,

through a frame that I

can’t explain.

It’s old and dreary,

but I can just make out

your smiling face.


I left a ghost,

returned to find you

in love again

with some youthful creature.


Surprised me not,

but don’t let my memory

fade away.

I am revenant.


Lost you once,

couldn’t abstain from

my demise.

Never left you,

just can’t explain


hero’s welcome,

jubilation shouts;

for my hearse draws near

to your retrospective.


Caught up in

some timelines,


that I will not

make it home.


Drawing me to you

is the lie that made it all


maybe a dim suggestion,

but we appeal

to our lost and never conscious .


black and white all over again.




the divine is only one thing more.

You read of me,

you kept my picture

and cried for me;

but I was not gone.


You are not alone.

The dead haven’t gone,

we’re waiting in the shadows

for the judgement call.

The terror is

waiting for you in the life you live.

Fret not for the dead.


HG – 2017


Amazing Film Photography by Zosimos

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