Tiny Castles



There were never any expectations,

only endless possibilities.

You cornered yourself

in a little box you made;

so much for all that potential.

Now, you want to get out

of the circumstance

that you thought was so safe.

You want to stretch your legs a bit,

regret is always a perfect fit.

It suits you,

like a suit you

had made just for you.


The world didn’t exclude,

You did that on your own.

Now your truth

has left you

and your patience

fails you.

Go to Hell,

you did this to yourself.

You failed you,

didn’t you?


You had every advantage,

never wanted for a thing.

I sat in the dark in silence,

listening to everything.

I heard every whispered promise.

I heard every tearful prayer.

When I had to deal in violence,

I couldn’t find you anywhere.

You were in your tiny castle,

looking down upon the world,

judging and signaling virtue;

I remember every word.


Isn’t it funny, how

we all fall down

from tiny heights?

Our tiny crowns

never fit like they’re supposed to,

falling down over our eyes;

so smart and so beautiful,

except when we’re crying.


This is just

my point of view.

You do you.

I think you’d do


to get you out

of this terrible thing

that you’re in now.


Maybe now

you’ll see

you can’t be

everything to everyone.

You just have to be you

to you,

no overcompensation.

No amount

of consolation

is going to get through.


This was fun.

Productive visit.

Is it

time for me to go?

I Couldn’t stay another minute,

I want to get back

out in the cold.

I hope you enjoy

the tiny world

you have made

and I think

it’ll make a very nice coffin.

It doesn’t take much space.


So good to see you.

I hope to see you

out in the cold again.


HG – 2017




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