A Real Cold Bitch


She only loves you

for you potential

for calamity.

She’s a destruction addict,

failure junkie.

She gets high

on those gutter lover lows,

that’s her real trip;

a real dust grinder.



she’s gonna get you, son.

She’s gonna make you great.

She wants to see you

on the highest rung,

before she cuts you down

at the knees.

She’s a lead balloon,

backpack anvil parachute.

Try to climb high,

she’s rolling rocks down at you.


She’s gonna let you run

and get up a real good

head of steam.

Full tilt,

that rope around our neck

snaps tight;

that one she said

was a “Lover’s Knot”.

Well guess what?

Now you’re fucked.


Broken man,

loved to love

and trust,

but that girl,

man, she’s like a poisoned kiss.

A knife in the back handshake,

a dry desert of tears

and caring

that never cared.


Grave filler.

Dude, she’s gonna drag you down

and smother you with kisses

as she throws shovelfuls

of dirt on you.

You loved

and should have been loved,

but love is foolish

and love is blind.

You never saw

that the killing blow

was struck by your own hand

and you said

you did it because you loved her.


There’ll always be another

like you;

to her,

you’re just grave filler.


HG – 2017



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