Loss and The Quantum Dreamer



I lost a dream;

one that I hoped I’d keep


Not sure where I misplaced

this part of me,

a possibility

that I have hung on to

for so long.



when I lay

my body down,

to move between

this world

and the infinity

of could-have-beens,

where all things gone

and come

are happening;

my lost hope,

my one thing

still eludes me.


If I could sleep

ten thousand years,

searching through

the endless halls of time,

I’m not sure I’d find

that one,

or another

worthy to replace it.


The only consolation

that I have seen,

is that somewhere

there’s a me that hasn’t lost the dream.

In a universe

of universes,

all the possibilities

are possible,

so I know that it’s so.


Maybe there’s a me

that’s not lost and alone

out there,

in there,

or wherever

parallel universes go.

Such a strange way

to let go

of something painful

is knowing that somewhere

the dream’s still with you,

still a part of you

and life continues


and ever.


HG – 2017




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