Love – Dead – High

So much for us,


has been

a wondrous


Too much for us


it always was,

but we never quit,

never stopped delving



into the endless story.


Counted on


to be

the one who makes us sorry.

Apologise again,

but it’s too late now.

We just keep on going


into the depths of love,

at least

it seems

that you and I are equals.



feel the bite

on my neck

that tells me you are just a


in the night

from the grave;

seductive sex vampire.

We keep on tumbling


into each other’s eyes.

Descent is now

approaching free fall

as we cling to each other,

holding on so fucking tight.


Death grips us,

fists white.

Here comes the ground;

the end of our journey,

but we don’t hit the ground,

we pass through i

and out the other side,

fall upwards now.

Our descent

has become a meteoric rise.


I see the moon

silhouetting you;

my creature of the night

what started out as a fall

is turning into

our eternal



There is no rest of us,

lover’s hearts

never really die.

We exist forever

reflected in

the space between the sky

and the stars

and forever.

Never in the ground,

we’re in all the dark places.

In each other’s minds.

In each other’s eyes.

All around.


HG – 2017

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