The Pigeon & The Pulse

The messenger has come

to tell a story of the past,

one that ends

and always makes you cry.

News from all around the world,

fantastic and sublime;

war and love

designed to terrify.


There was a time

when we would welcome

news of the outside world,

now we reject the truth

and keep the lie.

It’s easier to see

that to believe

what is in fact;

the news is all designed

so we react.


The messenger,

the medium,

the pigeon and the pulse;

the question answered

before it is asked.

The tension rise,

the hypnotized

take heed

and they attack.

No new circumstance

goes unscrutinized.


And we fade away

in the face of TMI,

connected by WIFI,

to a hive mind,

but are we still you and I?

The day we make

one last mistake

based on our information age,

erase our faces off of the page;

close the book

and we lose our place.


Shut off the lights,

dim down the day

and sit in silence

we’re amazed

that there is still

one last refrain

communicated in our wake.


No signal here,

no bars, no fear,

no misconstrued text,

only clear


One unified word

is all we hear.


The messenger has come

                to tell us

                                that the end




HG – 2017

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