The Looking Glass

One by one,

get in line.

Step by step,

we decline.

Hour by hour,

stone by stone;

we all fall down,

we all grow old.


Release that pitch,

a stitch in time;

we scratch that itch,

we lose our minds.

A marching band,

a funeral pyre,

a sad parade,

the way is tired.


Face to face,

hand to hand;

we make mistakes,

we make our plans.

That mournful song

and so we dance.

We’re never long,

it’s just a chance.


Eye to eye,

again again;

lost to the night,

name on the wind.

Birdsong sung

to serenade;

the living love,

the lonely grave.


Day to day,

hour to hour;

we seek complete

the stone goes sour.

We find relief,

so brief,

so dour;

fingers accuse

and children cower.


Dawn to dusk,

Sun and Moon;

no interlude,

no lie assumed.

No crafted lie,

no tilted chin,

no hemlock glass,

no wicked grin.


Heart to heart,

soul to soul,

we are here now,

forever more.

Each you,

each I,

each day brings more.

Breath for breath

what we adore.


Tick by tock.

Note by note;

the day goes on,

the writ is wrote.

Our lives mean what

we have exposed;

the door is open,

the window closed.

There’s no escape

from time, or light;

reflection true,

the mirror right.


HG – 2017

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