Fire, Water, Sky

The ring burns,

fire feathers

take flight

into the night.

Waves roll

in off the ocean,

reconciling madly

with the indolent shore.


Rise my fire,

fly high.

My life cycle


to the stars

in the western sky.


Seek that moment

in between wood cracking

and waves lapping;


is the distance between stars.


We left our artificial bonds

on the edge of the concrete steppe,

when we walked off into the land

to greet our ancestors

and our future children.


We were caked in concrete dust,

choked by funerary off-gassing.

Everything we made

had turned against us,

so we went back

to the forest that bred us.


The woods never looked at us as outsiders;

the natural world accepted us,

folding us within her branches,

accepting us,

eager even,

to make us prey,

or predators again.


Even the nights welcome us,

for the dark delights in fire.

On the pebbled beach,

driftwood fed,

our lives come down  to essence.


Just us

and the sea

and the land

and the sky

and stars

that go on forever.


As the first light

peeks over the horizon

and we seek our beds,

we know;

we have come so far

from the download,

from the hash tag

and from the sorrow

of a connection

that was only



we are together;

the safety of the tribe.


HG – 2017

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