I don’t think I understand


I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know how it goes.

Every little change

makes more things possible

and every obstacle

can be overcome.


There are no strings,

no ropes,

no chains

restraining us;

they’re not really there,

they’re illusions.

There is no sky,

no ground,

just forever

and forever

until oblivion.


I don’t think I know

why there are limits,

because there isn’t;

it’s all a fairy tale

told to children

to make them behave.

Then, when we grow up

we still believe them

and those who don’t

usually go insane,

because they’re so afraid

of the immensity

of their power,

of the whole universe

and their significant


in everything,


I don’t think

I believe


It’s just a moment

we haven’t seen yet.

Just because something isn’t logical,

doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist;

we just don’t see

how it is

and that’s okay.

We don’t need to understand everything

to do the impossible.


HG  – 2017

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