Lowered Expectations

Let me just hear you say

that we got here accidentally

and we weren’t doomed to fail;

we just got lost

in the majesty,

of what it was

and what it is

and what we thought could be.


Never mind all our fears,

try to forget my awkward gestures

try to forget betrayal;

maybe then we could make it past

this god awful moment

of silence,

of disappointment

at our indiscretions.


It was all

so easy

at the beginning,

now we both have questions

of what was

and what is

and all those things

that came between

our dreams

of what we thought could be.


Trust me to forget;

I’ve never put much stock

in past transgressions.

I only want us now,

want us then;

trapped in a morning after.

Waking with grace

in bed;

serving you,

giving you every finger.

Fuck off

and satisfy

my opaque longing

like a stranger.

So familiar,

but I never told you my name.


Maybe all we wanted

was to save

some little piece

of mystery

about what we are

and where we’re going.


the sun dies

and we’ll see

what we thought it should be.


HG – 2017

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