A Perfect War


All around me is danger.

That latent human potential.

Words are just a sword to cut with,

my bones, a full metal jacket.

Every circumstance is heightened.

That fuck or flight reaction.

Adrenal dump,

pumping heart,

racing thoughts.

No excuses,

only reaction time.

Slippery snake,

higher reptile mind.

Base height too high

and climbing.

Neuro-endorphin rush.

Combat cocktail,

isn’t concerned with details.

Big, gross motor skill movements.





Sitting is torture

in the maelstrom

of ringing alarm bells.

Sensation relegated

to demon pitchfork shocks

that rip down the spinal column,

stab the brain,

push blood to the fists and feet.

Time stalls.

A slow-motion sensory climax.

Cold shower.

Cold beer.

Cold heart.

All that I see is danger.

Temper that killer instinct.

Extinguish Condition Red.

Never known White since I was a child.

Paranoia has paid dividends.

I am still alive

and I will die that way.

Conjuring my adversary

before the strike is writ large.

Make no mistake,

this is a fight to the death.

This is a losing proposition.

This is a real bad equation.

Net zero,

and the only solution is murder.

Try to bring it down again.

Another sip of comfort,

exquisite in vulnerability.

Succumbing to my nature,

only quenches to temper.

Hard as fuck,

my mind and member. 

Heart beats in steady rhythm

with deep, genetic war drums.

Danger is what we make it.

This world has made us perfect.

Smile with incisors ready.

Pupils dilated fully.

Ready to receive you,

my devil and my savior,

my assassin and my lover.

Join me

in a perfect war.



HG – 2017

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