The Color of Atmosphere

So, now this is something else,

now that you’ve seen it,

it is no longer just chemistry.

It is more than just language.

Is it art,

or is it heresy?


Are you hearing my voice

speaking in your head?

That’s funny,

you have never heard a word.


imagine what I am feeling


as I write the next

nine words


I could never

do any of this

without you.


Somewhere from inside

these ideas come,

summoned to me,

old ghosts and tattered memories

and I do my level best

to put them here,

in figures on this page.


I pour out my pain,

my hate

and my disappointment

in ink stains,

that might mimic blood,

might seem like tears;

I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

It will be for you to decide,

my friend;

my other mind.


We develop a strange kinship

when my words find you eyes

or your lips.

How to they taste on you tongue?

Sweet or bitter?

I guess to me,

it doesn’t matter.

Once they leave me,

they’re not mine



Can I take you with me?

Will you let me?

Reach out and

embrace your hand

with mine;


of course.


Either way,

we’re already gone.

on to the next place,

through to the next thought.

I hope you’re keeping pace, now.

I don’t want to just

drag you around,

there so much to see

in the sky

and underground.


I’ll do everything I can

to give you me,

honest and untamed.

Stripped of the ego

and the taint that turns the world

into poison,

into a toxic place.


we should share our fates.

I hope you enjoy

every little bit

of this insane parade.


I promise,

I’ll do my best

not to let you down.

I’ll keep on dreaming,

all you have to do

is find me

and I will bring you


into the clouds.


HG – 2017

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