Sucker Fish


There are ways to see

what you are hiding inside.

Tricks of the trade,

you might say,

to see what you hide.

Exposing every secret,

highlighting every flaw,

can’t separate the skin,

from what’s beneath too far.

A mask of smile and comfort

belies a rictus grin,

inside you’re laughing at them,

until you’re crying again.

You’re manic and depressing,

taking life right on the chin.

Your eyes tell a story,

but no one’s listening.


So far,

where has all of this


and self denial

gotten you?

Did you ever get

over all those hurtful words,

or dire situations?

Oh, no;

I find you sitting

in a pile of your own regrets.

You’ve hit the bottom now,

and you’ve decided to stay,

as if you’re protesting

your own potential.


Ridicule and cast reprisals,

fade away and satisfy

your need for attention

and sympathy with others

of your kind.

You all only seem to exist on line.


Never saw a sucker fish,

bottom feeder,

come up for air, either.

I don’t think you care,

I don’t even think that you’re aware

of what’s going on here.

I’m dangling a line

and I’ll bet you bite.

You never could resist a fight;

especially one you’ll lose.

It feeds the martyr psyche,

live to be abused.



you can put another one on me;


as well as a bad friend.

I’ll see you at the end,

my brother;

just try to keep your shit together

until then.


HG – 2017



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