New Dawn Twilight


Now is the time;

sun set,

sun rise,

it doesn’t matter.

Take what care you need;

only what you need.

Only what will keep you alive

and strong

and human.


It is time to go.

This place has become death.

A mortuary,

stripped of all nurturing secrets.

Drained down;

dead and poisoned.


by our ravenous disregard.
Tie up your hair.

Wear your gloves.

Trust me,

you’ll need to protect your hands.

One deep cut,

or broken finger

means you can’t fight

and I have told you truly;

where we are going,

there will be fighting.


Survival is a war.

War is life,

and victory,



Load up on the provisions

we have saved until this day

and ready your weapon,

like I taught you.

Ready your mind first,

that’s your best defense.

Danger will find us,

but as long as we keep fear at bay,

we have an advantage.


Quietly now,

out into the new dawn twilight.

We will travel swiftly,

but cautiously.

The familiar roads

are not what they were before

and those whom we meet upon them

may have shed their humanity

for a monster’s mind.


Take heart,

our destination for today

will only be tomorrow.

As many tomorrows as we can win

from this scarred and broken world.

Trust me;

one quick embrace,

I look into your eyes

and you are ready.


Let’s move, now,

before we lose our window.

out into this insane world.


but not abandoned.


but not yet dead.


HG – 2017



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