When I close my eyes

there’s something there

in the not-so-dark

with me.

There’s something in my mind

besides me.

I believe

that there is a place

that I have seen

in dreams;


but it is still me.

At least,

that’s how it seems.


Tell me reality

is only what I see.

Tell me a fine lie

about time and I’ll believe

I have lost my mind.

Outside of me

what I see

is an illusion

maybe I’m confusing

the day for my dreams.


I guess we can’t say

how all these things relate.

Even our bright minds

gasp and bloviate.

In the night time

they find their minds awake

within a new world.

A place our mind creates,

or just another state?


Behind all our eyes

there is no darkness,

only the light shining

from the farthest stars

of our inner universe.


Is it truly ours?

Does it exist

in our waking hours?

Is there a place

where we slip in

between the days?

Is there an emergency escape?

Is this madness,

or is there another way?

I guess we’ll find out some day.

I know we’ll find out

one day.

We’ll go with one eye open

to the other place.


HG – 2017



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