Blood Stained Dress


That look you gave me

said that you were afraid

and didn’t believe

the reconciling lies

that came from the other side;

such an upsetting time.


Events turn

to crying and denials.

Pretty words

for pretty girls

and overstated reasons

lead to misunderstandings.


Every modern convenience

has given you

a jaded apathy.

Just one more reason

to reflect upon the sad reality,

that every tear you shed

should be for those

whose life is in your hands.

So quick to judge,

you just don’t seem to understand.


Everyone in this enterprise

has a little blood on their hands.


maybe more than a little.

Why do you think

we’re always wearing red?

It hides the splatter,

and it’s just

so fashionable.


I bet you don’t even know

how many you’ve killed.

Deny it;

I’m sure it easier

to look at yourself,

but you don’t mind

living the life you live.

You just never though it meant


Our civilizations

don’t exist on bread.

Life is a vampire

and we are all infected.


Don’t you think

that dress

would look so good on you?

Just lose a couple pounds,

you’ll look so band new.

What’s on the news?

Tragedy ensues,

but only for a moment;


you’ll get up and leave the room,

but the slaughter will continue


in your name.

You reap the benefit

of all this hate,

all this pain.

Might as well enjoy your place

at the top of the food chain;

it’s all gonna change some day.


We’re all either gonna give a little,

or take a little


It only looks simple

when you’re not in the middle

of the fight.

Close your eyes, darling;

go to sleep.

Good night.

Dream about all the lives

that it cost

To keep you safe

and beautiful.

Sleep tight.


I just want you understand

that you’ve got blood on your hands.

We all have blood on our hands,

and tears won’t wash it away.

So go to sleep and dream,

it’s your only escape.

When you wake,

the bodies will be piled higher,

they’re still filling your desires,

but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Something’s gonna change.


HG – 2017



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