Stardust Head

Simple creatures;

I guess we are.

So many complicate

this day

and tie knots in tomorrow.

I’ve never taken place.

I have never been a moment;


no time like the present.


I am such desire,

a weapon of such potential.

I am an introvert,

digging down

and taking in,

like gravity.


We draw each other in

with biology

and chemical deceit.

I am no miracle,

just another piece of meat

strung out on stardust

and self delusions,

that I am complete.

Taking in radiation,

giving off a smile

through gritted teeth.


Daylight asks of us,

reflection of a star.

The lack of instruction,

we just take it

upon ourselves

to make it all up.


So, if we’re in charge

of the universe,

I’d like to apologize now.

Simple creatures

can’t expect

to comprehend it all.


We barley make it

day to day,

we’re always

tripping all over ourselves.

Life is an afterthought,

when we think about it

at all.


Each conscious mind

is either exploding out,

or collapsing in on itself.

We are all stars,

but we haven’t got there yet,

haven’t achieved the sky;

too caught up in the act

of debasing ourselves.

In these bodies

we are trapped,

between today’s Earth

and tomorrow’s sky.


Try your best

to make it good

before you close your eyes.

I promise I’ll do my best;

such a simple creature,

so am I.

They never should have put us

in charge of the universe.

I think we’re growing,

but I think we’re running

out of time.


HG – 2017

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