Paper Planes

Comfort me.

Through trouble I have come;

heaving seas

and angry skies.


your hands catch me,

draw me in

to safety

from the great

discord outside.


I was pitched upon the water,

a paper boat.

Folded up with promise

and laden with such

a precious cargo;

the dreams of a child.

But I drifted out to sea,

in the storms

and the hurricanes;

then you brought me in.


I was cast into the air;

a paper plane.

Designed with dreams

and carrying a payload

of a child’s hope.

But I was caught up in the wind

and taken far away

from where my journey began.

You found me,

caught up in a tree

and rescued me.


All the dreams

and all the hopes,

so long deferred,

so long denied.

Now that child is a man,

his only chance to live this life,

lies in his dreams

and in his hopes.

The wings of paper,

paper boats

that carried all those dreams

somehow survived.

Maybe he can find

a way to stay alive.


Comfort me,

my gentle handed saviour,

my sole benefactor

in this world.

Let me be,

for a moment,

a child again.

Just let me dream

with you,

I know I’ll have them

and never lose

my mind to the world.

Safe here for a moment,

before the page unfurls

and I begin

to make the folds

that hold my hope.


HG – 2017

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