I Saw The Sky in a Tide Pool

As above,

so below.

We reflect

the war in Heaven

in our hearts

and our minds

and our souls.

The song sung

to the dead,

is lost upon the living.

We all bury our pasts

and hope they don’t come crawling.

Never saw

an apparition

like the one

that stole your mind,

just a child

in a garden

and a memory

I can’t find.

I have come

to set the table,

for the feast

is close at hand.

Once the work

is done in fire,

you will understand.

There is no rhyme

or reason

for the pain,

or for the draw,

it’s just a side effect

of what we’re waiting for.

Line by line

the paths converge,

the sign is set,

the day reserved,

the light is lit

the candle on the wall


Every song becomes

a funeral dirge,

crescendo reaching resurrection

fire burns

and the tree restored.

Hunger fills the belly.

Rocks crawl back

to the mountain

and we slumber,

eyes open

when the trumpet sounds.

As above,

so below.

what’s finished

is just beginning.

The sky

becomes the anchor

for the soul.


HG – 2017


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