Cold Blooded

I have never been

more exposed

and vulnerable.

Standing here

arms open wide,

ready to accept

you decision.

I appeal

to what I hope

is your kind

and merciful nature,

but I’m not surprised

when you draw your knife.


No amount of persuasion

would ever be enough

to disarm you.

I begin creating distance;

the only other option

would be to harm you

and that I cannot bear.

I am no cold blooded man.

I’m just a lover,

who loved

the insane.


Darker were your fantasies

and that intrigued me.

I hoped that your desire

was tempered

with a cold, scientific view,

but I began to lose you

on those long nights,

when we wrecked our minds

and asked strange things

of our bodies.


I drew much pleasure

from our time together,

but you always wanted

to take it further,

make it darker

and I was all too happy to oblige.

Now, here we are,

in the dark

and that blade you’ve drawn

says more that words ever could.

It’s clear that I lost you

somewhere in the shadows.

We went in too deep

and you did not return.


I call out your name,

but that look in your eyes

is all at once


and vengeful.

Soulless and desperate.

I just keep creating distance

and hoping you come through

the other side

of what’s tormenting you.

Torturing you.

A thing that I neglected to kill,

while I was still within striking distance

and for that,

I’m sorry.


HG – 2017

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