Don’t speak

of what is inside.

Don’t give life

to your fear.

Inside you are caught up

in a million hallways;

a labyrinth

of catacombs.


Reaching out would be a futile gesture,


though your intent may be.

Reaching inside,

is like sticking your hand

in a bee hive,

or a lion’s mouth.


When did your true nature

become so treacherous,

that you’d rather divide,

than return whole?

You know you’re the only one

that can fix you,


Or have you relinquished control?


Solitude is alive,

but if you wither,

then you didn’t drink

the water that surrounds you.

Choices aren’t easy

and circumstances are a bitch,

but there’s no more time,

no tomorrow left to say

“I can wait.”

“I’m okay.”


The scales are falling away.

You’re going to feel everything.

You can’t hide from the day

that the end will take you.

The deadline approaches

and we didn’t want to watch you die.

We don’t want to hear you scream.

Your words always came true

and you didn’t even notice.


So confused,

you moved on so quickly.

There’s got to be

some touchstone out there for you.

Some certainty

and I hope you find it

before you die,

‘cause we’re all gonna go


So Keep your head up,

your mouth shut

and your eyes wide.


HG – 2017



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