Which one

of us is gonna give in

to the next great unknown?


purple, blue horizon.

Soul quenching,

secret deep.


Instead of fighting,

baring our teeth

and making weapons

of whatever we touch;

if we imagine,

if we just

let our hands hang

empty at our sides

and realize

there’s a place

down the river for us.

Down that winding, green


Waves of grace unfolding,

if we just give in,

instead of trying to kill each other.


Maybe I’ll just let you take what’s mine.

Maybe I never really needed it;

never needed anything.

Maybe it’s my time

to float on by

and leave you all standing

on the shoreline

with that stupid look on your face;

somewhat confused,

but still self-satisfied.

As I move on to the next thing

and you’re still standing there;



I have never been the type

to stand upon the sand

and fear the water.

I’ve always been too curious,

it seems.

I never understood,

or never understand,

this wandering desire

to just let go

and float away

around the bend again.

Why would you stand so close

to the water’s edge

and not get in?

I guess you’ll never know


under a blue horizon

and the feeling of giving in

to a new unknown.

Your smile slips

and hands ball into fists.

that’s just the way it goes

when we can’t admit

we fear our own desires.


Sometimes we have to

just let go

to win the war

within each and every one of us

and just

float away…

…float away…

   …float away…


HG – 2017


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