Blue Sky – New Dawn


She isn’t’ going to argue with you;

there’s not enough time left

in the day.

It’s such a hopeless situation,

why put those struggles on display?

She knows the day

is coming soon,

when she’s going to leave this room

and cross into a new,

brighter point of view;

now she’s leaving you.


She sat through the blue of winter.

Christmas came and went

without a care.

The New Year dawned

the same old situation;

both of you just sitting there.

She can’t shine,

if she’s a shade.

Can’t go outside

and come back in.

Once she gets up

and starts walking,

she isn’t’ coming back again.


That light in her eyes

is only going to fade,

because she stayed

and didn’t listen to the way

the wind, it called her name.

She wants to do something great

before the colors that she loves

turn grey

and die;

that’s why she’s saying good-bye.


Wake up in the morning;

blue sky,

new dawn.

There’s something in the air,

it feels like moving on.

Every so often in your life,

the best thing

is going to feel so wrong,

but don’t be afraid to go;

just go.

Life is a thousand experiences,

not just one.


HG – 2017



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