Run For Your Life


Take each thing coming

as you can,


Don’t hit the ground,

look around

and that’s something.

Know the lay of the land,

pitched into the sand,


Made a promise,

couldn’t hold the vision,

our eyes fumbling,

mind reeling,

trying to recognize

this feeling.

Or this face,


time is so revealing.

What was pretty,

is now just a waste;

denied healing.

We put all these things

back in their place,

then die screaming

that there’s got to be

more to the world

than high living

and there’s got to be

more of these words

that I’m giving.

How we’re sinning

and forgiving now

we lie grinning.

Temptation’s a real bitch now,

denied winning.

Put your faith in the race,

based on our feet flying.

Faster than our minds lie,

we tried paving a path

to the sky,

then died wondering;

why we fall from the greatest heights,

the bright thundering

of bodies hitting the floor,

as we fall from our place

at the table for more.

Trying to describe

the universe through a hole in the door.

Devise worse

than we hurt them before.

Sounds impossible,

but I know different.

I don’t see a difference

between the lines drawn by men

and the mind of an infant.

Describe reality to me

in words I understand.

You’ve taken me on a ride,

but it’s getting out of hand.

I decide to see the lies

inside of all of us, my friend.

There’s no need to free your mind;

it wasn’t really yours in the end.


HG – 2017



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