Fiery Orange Sunset


Some people love the rush.

Others like the taste.

Some say they want to know,

but they won’t go,

they’re too afraid.

Some say they love the touch,

the sound the Armageddon makes;

I think they’re full of shit.

I think they’re curious,

but they

say that they have it figured out,

they have it all in hand,

but when you catch them all alone,

in the dark, you’ll understand.

They’re just as scared as us

and they don’t comprehend,

but they’ve got egos and a job

and like to tell us where they stand.


There’s a question that goes

far beyond

the answers we

have got thus far

and anyone

who says they know

is lying.

Those who know

won’t tell a soul

and those who don’t

just want control,

there’s two ends

to every pole

and end to end

the planet rolls.

‘Round and ‘round,

the time it spins

a manufactured


The split,

the spoke,

the wheel comes off,

the lie it fails;

yet we don’t stop.

Pursuing up

and reaching in,

perceiving out

and deep within.

There’s madness in the air again.

Do you believe?

Do you give in?


All these questions

pale to the feeling

of keeping you close

and having you here.

There world might see

a fiery, orange sunset;

that last moment that we’ll be alive.

When it all burns away,

one final time

and we will find

what lies that way;

the end of the road.

Our forever home,

until we sleep.


I once knew

a girl like you;

she wandered off

into the deep.

And at night

I can hear

the whispers

from the sea.

Some people love the rush.

Others like the taste,

but you’re so fucking terrified;

I can see it on your face.

Don’t worry your pretty little head.

Either climbing up,

or sliding down;

there’ll always be an end

and then we’ll start again.


HG – 2017



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