The Light That Saved The World


You blinded me

with utter brilliance,

with radiant light;

luminous being.

I missed the signs,

I just stood there


sun tracers in my eyes.

I didn’t realize

that I had been changed

in an instant

by seeing you



All the world is shadow now;

your light is gone

and chased away the fading.

All along the edges

there used to be

possibilities waiting.

An infinite forever

burned away

by your singularity,

your certainty.


One right,

one wrong;

those dull, grey shadows

darkening malignant.

Bright as day,

we celebrate,

but laughter turns to cries

in an instant.

You were so alive,

you woke the dead,

but you terrorized the living.

Time will tell the story

of how you saved the world,

by giving

fire to the night.


We set the world alight,

to chase away the dark.

We all have a part

on the other side,

that we have sacrificed.

We didn’t know the price.

I hope you’re satisfied.

Save us

with your holy fire.

I’m sure you know

what’s best.

So much pain

in the light of day,

take it all away,

before we fade

into the night.


HG – 2017



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