The Eye of The Hurricane


The sounds of footfalls

echo down empty streets.

Night is an amplifier;

it wakens the senses.

Draws out once imperceptible nuances,

like a spider

spinning its web,

‘round and round,

in time with the coming hurricane.


The sky reveals nothing.

It conceals every secret,

but revealed only briefly

by the bright blaze of a meteorite

is The Truth;

then a loud “BANG!”

and it all returns to darkness.


Nothing stirs,

even the wind holds its breath.

Nature knows what is coming

and the heat of the Summer

will be broken,

along with the trees

and the buildings

and the people.


The cadence of footfalls

picks up in tempo slightly

and even the spider believes

that the storm will arrive before dawn;

yet it does not stop spinning

‘round and ‘round,

in time

with the eye

of the hurricane.


HG – 2017



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