Beautiful Opposite

These are the words that never reached your ears.

This is the touch that never felt your skin.

This is the sigh that never left your lips.

Never have and never will again.

There is a solitude

and shadow

that sustains you.

You are so silent

as the night,

you hide your face.

Even the moonlight

cannot penetrate

your heart, now.

A phantom

of the way things could have been.


Reaching out

is futile now,

the distance is too far,

for us to traverse.

I’m caught up in a place

that never existed;

some parallel universe.

Light expands our vision,

but it will never show me you

nor you to anyone,

for you exist

where the light

cannot touch you;

a beautiful opposite.


Come to think of it,

I never so needed this to be

more real than I do right now.

Figment of my imagination,

or hallucination

dragging me off

into the darkness.

How can I tell the difference,

if my words could never reach you,

if my touch can’t feel your skin,

if I cannot feel you breathing?

Are you there?

Have you ever been?


There is a deep danger

in following your fancy

into the night and shadow;

going places

where the day can’t take you.

I have lost and I have settled

into a dimensional world,

but then you cross my threshold,

show me there is more to see.

More to feel,

more to experience

than I have ever known;

something in the night

entices me

far from home.


Little whisper

on my shoulder.

Lover only

in my soul.

I have given you

my curiosity

to drag me

out of my mind,

out of my control.

Into the dark places

that make up more of what is,

where I am without words,

without touch,

without breath;

fading along my edges.


HG – 2017

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