The Fear Diary

A little bit

of trepidation

is natural,

after all

death is an ever-present fellow

and consequence

hangs around here, also.

I hope you didn’t think

the ride was free?


The future is fraught with danger

and I’d be lying if I told you

that I wasn’t afraid.

In fact,

I have been terrified

for so long,

that being calm and safe

is fading.


In the light

of every day,

there exists

some new type of amazing,

enfolded in the arms

of danger and beguiling lies

that seek to rend you

limb from limb,

heart from soul,

end to end

and down we go.


There are no words

for the fear you feel,

if just takes us all

like anxiety drives the mind

over the cliff

every time.

We’re just holding the wheel.


Don’t be afraid

to be afraid;

it’s like falling in love

with the abyss.

That quiver inside,

is an ecstasy.

That clenching stomach,

is your stutter step

as you feel the release.


Fear is just an instrument

that keeps you here

for a little while,

but we have places to be

in the long run.

Don’t let the nerves stop you.

Don’t let the fear persuade you.

It’s an accepting lover

that will grow to hate you.


Give it up.

We are all born

insane with fear,

but we get over it.


HG – 2017

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