Little Crusades

So ready to accept the lie,

so easy to avoid the truth,

never thought that much at all

about the pain or the abuse.

Smile like you like it all

driving its way into you.


Like a dull war,

we never paid attention

while the battle waged

on and on.

You said,

you kept imagining

that it we be better for us

if we just gave up on prosperity

and lived as all equals.


From your gilded cage you liked to think

that you were down there in the crowd,

voice shouting loud,

but you just sung

some radiant melody.


There might have been some disconnect,

between who you are

and what you wanted

and I would have done anything

to make all of your fears real,

but you seemed to think

that truth was something you could change

and after a while it became

obvious that it didn’t matter anyway.


One of your greatest strengths

has always been your imagination.

Able to decide your place

in any room, or city, or nation.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,

you picked up yet another

little crusade,

that will probably just fade

and be forgotten by Christmas.


I admit;

I find it adorable

and just a bit perplexing,

to watch you think you lead the charge

and take the fight to your enemies.

I don’t think you have

a single cell in your body

meant for fighting.


This is just a convenient distraction

from all your other problems.

Next year you will tell me

it was all a waste of time

and kind of childish

and I’ll just laugh

and try my best

not to agree with you.


HG – 2017

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