Every morning is another chance to change.

Every evening she sees

that everything has stayed the same.

Those smiling eyes are still so far away

and it doesn’t seem to matter

what’s the trouble

with being loved.


She’s got a new look on.

Her makeup done.

New dress she bought

and hair that cost a fortune.

When he gets home,

he just turns the TV on,

stares at his phone

and she feels like a ghost.

Wonders where she went wrong.

Blames herself when he is gone.

She sits waiting for her time to come,

but it never does,

not what she’s counting on.


She loves the world,

would like to make some new friends,

but she’s afraid

of what would happen then.

A new resolve,

a new day is born.

She stands up tall,

walks to the door,

then turns around

and sits back down;

tells herself,

it really doesn’t matter



When he returns,

it’s just like before.

Her eyes drift to tomorrow

and she knows

that her happiness is going

to have to be her own

and sometimes

love’s importance

can be overblown.


She takes her shoes.

She leaves her keys.

A warmer coat,

in case there’s a breeze.

A couple cards,

a little cash;

out the door,

she’s walking fast.

She starts to run.

She starts to cry.

It feels so right

and she doesn’t know why

she waited this long

to spread her wings and fly.


the best “Good Morning”,

is “Good-Bye”.




HG – 2017

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