Don’t Kill Yourself

You smile

so wide,

so bright;

don’t let the present take you



keep fighting.

Oh, please God;

please keep fighting.


Let it never be too much.

Let it never go too far.

There’s something precious here;

let it never be enough.

Don’t let the sunlight fade

in your eyes today.

Don’t step into the shade,

there’s not enough time to waste.


You’ve always been amazing.

A one-time-thing.

Like each new sunrise,

like each new day.

You might not recognize your face,

it’s never shown itself

before you came

and it’s your celebration;

your infinity.

Anything you want to be.

See it how you want to see it.

You’re only one

tiny step away

from everything

you’ve ever wanted.


So, please don’t fade.

Don’t give up the race,

you’re still keeping pace

your own way.

If you decide you want to stay,

then you better get fucking ready,

’cause it’s gonna change.


HG – 2017

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