Triggering an Avalanche

I’m searching for the words

to bring it all down.

Undermine it all;

unique frequency

to make it fall apart.

I’m just

instigating change,

but for a new idea,

the old ways must be destroyed,



this is the cycle of creation.


One thought,

just a spark

in a dark world,

sets a light cascading.



the next one,

until the world’s ablaze.


like the day

and soon

the energy

becomes substance,

becomes everything we see.


Synaptic reality,

genesis incredibly

starts with the Word;

“Let there be light.”

So now we’ve banished darkness,

or at least we’ve hidden it away

in our furthest parts.

It’s already starting to decay,

the laws of entropy

apply to all the things

you want to stay,

it just that way.




we’re so busy maintaining

our crumbling mental world,

we no longer grow,

we’re just eroding to the ground.

It’s better to destroy it,

bring the whole fucking thing down

and start all over;

which is what I’m doing now.


I’m searching for the words;

the perfect nouns and verbs

to trigger an avalanche,

bring the whole mountain down.


is facing all your troubles,

knowing you’ll surmount them,

overcome and forget them,

like they never mattered anyhow.


Build your life

on the ruins of your old life,

you get to start again.

I’m setting fire to my mind,

once the mountain’s gone,

so I don’t have to pretend

that I remember this world

in a better light

than I have seen it in.


I’m ending the world,

just to start all over;

try and try again.

I’m just looking for the words

that will end the world,

get that first stone rolling down.


HG – 2017

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