Noisy People

There’s nothing left,

but the anticipation,

a broken heart,

too much exhilaration.

I lost the day

to hate and veneration,

delayed my plane,

dismayed the congregation;

there’s just one explanation.


Something in the far off sky

caught my eye

and I was gone

for forever.

Someone blew me a kiss,

somehow I missed

happily ever after.

In the long gone day I stayed,

hidden away,

I dug up your treasure.

In the sunshine we exist,

something like this,

but in the dark

we disappear.


The build up

is always disappointing.

Never been one for joining,

the crowd is just annoying

and your team’s no better.

When you’re done anointing

and all the finger pointing,

then we can start enjoying

our piece of forever.


I can see your spirit’s waning

and all of your complaining

doesn’t make a change,

just noisy people

stuck in your creating,

something so amazing

is just past your obtaining

held back by your egos.


Drawing out the truth

from the world,

every contrary word,

like every sheep in the herd

is just meat for the wolves

and dinner for the shepherd.

Make no mistake this time,

it’s on the table inside;

everything in this life

comes with a bloody tether.


We’re tied

in some way

to everything

and everyone.


you think

and believe,

we all experience.

Every word

that you speak

you make real

a dream or horror.

The body

only exists


for a short time,

but the essence lingers.


HG – 2017

2 thoughts on “Noisy People

  1. This is beautiful my friend. Of all the words you have written, to me, this is the most splendid and so beautifully
    done my friend. Truly gorgeous.

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