Ebb + Flow

Gathering myself together,

leaving off what doesn’t fit.

I set myself up for today,

feeling somewhat adequate.

I step out in the tumbling ether

of a world that I’m caught in,

if I exit through the right one,

which one do I come in?

Am I a particle in motion,

or a wave that’s coming in?

Am I under observation,

interacting with the end?

Engaged with all these systems

in a cloud of my own skin,

am I a single voice in darkness,

or a choir in the din?



never felt so wrong.


never felt so right.


is such a tired cliché.

Never thought I’d ever be alive

like this

and still curious.


Paved the way to Hell;

my good intentions got me here,

but I’m still full of fear and loathing

when I look into the  mirror.

If ever morning is a new day

and I’m dying in the night,

might I awake the possibility

of what I once denied?


If I change

how I interact

with reality,

can I change

which reality

I’m in?


Is it all so cut and dried

that we live and then we die,

or is there something in between

that isn’t what we’ve seen?

Maybe I believe.

There are things

that we cannot fathom,

waiting out there

in the darkness

for us to find them.

There’s no question

it’s what’s got us up in arms.

We want

what we can’t have,

so there no way

we’re getting anywhere

without a little pain.


The way that we perceive

the universe,

isn’t how it works.

What we want to be,

is not reality.


Give a little,

get a little.

Ride the wave,

be actual.

Going out and coming in,

we’ll never see

this time again.

Many minds

in many worlds,

don’t hold your head

under the surf,

just ride it out

and ride it in.

no place here,

no position.


We’re only here,

because we perceive

ourselves to be


We could be anywhere.

We could be anything.

We could be everything.


HG – 2017

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