The Always Fading Light

Divorced from consequences,

we tried to learn

to be our own.

Eschewing vital issues,

so overwhelming,

all these emotions cut the lead

and we’re alone.


Never settled for mediocrity,

that happy medium

called “suicide”.


A grand conflagration

lights the night,

so we can find our way

on the outside,

burning our old selves

to stay alive.


We lost that bet.

We laid it down

with each piece of hope

and deft persuasion.

It’s a joke.

Who’s laughing now?

Asked the question

without hesitation,

the answer came;

“Are you really better off this way?”


Abdicating ever mortal virtue,

trying to stick around.

Overstaying our welcome,

missing that appointed time.

We were all supposed to die

and be somewhere else by now;

bodies entombed beneath the earth.


Abandoned of all purpose, now

they start to wane

and wonder

how insane it is

that we still try to blunder

through all of this.


We never looked around

to see our neighbor’s eyes.

To read the pain between

all of our little lies.

Separated by generations,

but we all just deny

the consequence

of being alive

in this always fading light.


That’s it folks,

the party’s over.

Pack your shit

and go home

and smile at your neighbors,

’cause we don’t want to die alone.

We’re all we have.

We all are one

and then we’re gone.


HG – 2017

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