Prison Skin

Thought you were ready to run?

Thought you were ready to go?

All fucked up on the answers

of all that you had to know.

Now that you have the keys;

you’ve killed a jailer or two.

Can you work the lock

from the inside?

Are you sure you want to?

The world out there is changing

and I’ve been playing dead,

so when you step out of safety,

I’ll be back in your head.


There’s something to be said

about our prisons,

at least the walls are strong

and tall.

As good at keeping bad things out

as good things in.

Are you sure you want

to throw that door?

Maybe you should think again?


I don’t’ remember you being

all that happy on the outside.

All those little frustrations

driving you out of your mind.

Never made the best decisions,

not so good at picking friends.

This is the end of safety

and we can’t even pretend

that you even belong here,

will all these normal folks.

They smile at you at first

and even laugh at your jokes,

but their masks will come off

and the knives will come out

and you don’t do well with conflict;

I don’t think the future

is in any doubt.


I’m not saying you need to stay here

between these four walls,

I’m just saying that there’s safety

where outside, there’s none at all.

Yeah, you’ve got all the answers

under your thick prison skin;

I bet it feels so nice in there.

How about letting me in?

You say you want to be free

of this world that you’ve made,

you’ve got the key and the guard’s dead.

Don’t be so fucking afraid.

Oh, isn’t it great?

The look on your face.

It’s like you were made for this place.


HG – 2017

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