The First Time + Forever

Remember the morning.

In the still-dark,

when my hands find you

and my lips follow.

In the half-sleep,

we seek comfort

and finding each other,

the fear fades.

The morning sky lights

shine on

over the eastern rise,

to find two lovers

holding on

while day breaks.


Remember the morning.

Let the light of day

and dark of night

pass over us.

The words spoken,

eyes captured,

by circumstances

and emotions.

Let every morning

be a new vow

of devotion.

Your warm body

next to mine,

staving off the cold

of past darkness.


Remember the morning.

As our first kiss,

our first love,

our first touch.

Every day is a resurrection

of what died in us

the night before.

As long as sunrise

greets my eyes

and I wake up

in a new day,

I will love you,

again and again;

for the first time

and forever.


HG – 2017

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