Never regretted it;

not even for a moment.

The long view essential,

for a tomorrow’s making.

Casting a glance about me,

all I can see is breaking;

even this path before me

goes to pieces slowly.


Still that will not stop me.

I have nothing,

if not

stubborn tendencies.

Break my jaw

and wire it shut;

I’ll still find a way

to spit in your face

before I walk away.


Never asked for it to be


It’s all as plain as Hell to me.

I’ve been running this thing like I mind,

but I

should have lost it long ago.



does any of this shit

even matter

to you?


Maybe you’re afraid,

but it’s only getting

more terrifying.

Wouldn’t you

like to live for just a moment

without those voices in your head;

dragging you out,

telling you how

you’ll never be any good again?


I can’t fucking live that way.

Future before me,

breath in my lungs.

At least for now,

so I might as well run.

It was all gonna fall apart

one day,


no matter what I think,

no matter what  I say.


I’ll hold it together,

just as long as I can,

but tomorrow will be harder

and on

and on again.


HG – 2017

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