It’s okay,

we’re all allowed

to make the change,

or stay the same;

whatever gets you through the day,

to the next one

and the next one.



Give it all you’ve got,

or not.

It’s just going to be you

standing in the queue

waiting for judgement.

Whether it comes,

or not;

it doesn’t matter.


Wade into the water;

still like a clean mirror

reflecting the sky,

blurs the horizon line.

Truth is an insurrection.

Your own revelation,

lies in the simple vision.

Escape is a duty.


Life is an angry parabola.

Sometimes on the way up,

we can see forever,

but on the way down,

our focus narrows

and all we know

is point of impact.


So, just let it all go;

stand on your own,

let the time unfold

and never forget,

you’re the best you

that we’ve ever known.


Tomorrow’s gonna pass away

and we’ll all follow along.

There’ll never be another day,

that we have to hold on.

Everything’s temporary,

even the rocks

we’re standing on.


Wipe the tears

out of your eyes

and stay a while.

Find what makes you smile

and make it all you know.

The answer comes to us all,


so don’t be bothered by the questions

so easily;

just stand beside me

and be

like no one’s ever been.


HG – 2017

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