Stay Woke



Every way I can

look at this,

shows me more

of your tolerance;

your ability

to navigate

in this world.


I am


doubtful of your grasp

of this


You’ve given up control

to some other entity.

Bereft of sense,

sleepy eyed

and drifting

to the left again.


Wake up.

Oh, so precious;

woke enough child.

Now are you afraid

of being left alone

in the dark?

You never made it

past the Boogeyman.

The floor is lava,

trapped you

in your safe space.


I’d never imagined

that you’d become so cold

and distant,

but I barely hear you now

above the shrill,

indulgent cry out

for the secrets

of the gone before,

but they’re all gone.


This kind of mind

only eats itself.

This kind of child

only destroys

the thing that they love most.


with an entity

half in this world,

half in some other.

What does that get us?

I’m pretty sure we’ve done all this


and I don’t think it turned out



I can see it,

growing inside of you;


like cancer.

You’ll become

just like all the rest;

all the pretty shapes,

fed into the auger.


You’re so special,

when you comply,

so lay down

and close your eyes.

You’re anything you want to be,

just wait and see;

you’ll get what you deserve



HG – 2017



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