Big Red Balloon


Don’t say a thing.

Don’t make a sound.

Don’t even breathe.

Don’t do anything.

Wait just a moment,

in a few seconds,

you’re whole world’s going to change.

I promise,

things will never be the same,

when I take away

all that you have been.

Just put your faith in me.


Give me your hands.

I’ll lift you up,

show you the only thing

holding you down,

has been you

and your own


in what is

and what you are

afraid is possible.


I can see it

in your eyes;

you can’t see

past the horizon.

The only things

that you believe,

are what you touch

and what you see.

You’ve never been

allowed to be,

to think in these

ways we perceive.

We are something else


made to change

and change reality.


Everything you know is wrong.

Everything you feel’s a lie.

Everything you’ve thought’s been faked.

Don’t go looking so surprised.

You already knew this world

wasn’t what they said it was,

isn’t what you think it is,

isn’t what you love because,

deep in every dream you’ve had

since you were a little child,

you’ve been seeing something else,

something that just can’t be filed

under some subconscious way

of taking out the trash at night;

something else is happening here

something that we can’t describe.

Something that we all have seen

at least once in our lives

and if I were a betting man;

I’d say we’ll see it when we die.


Close your eyes and tell me

that the only thing you see

is the dark?

You’re lying to yourself,

because reconciling

the truth

is hard

and we don’t know

where it starts

and the lie departs.

We’ve been trained so well,

to pretend

that all of this shit matters.


Come on,

give yourself

a little credit.

You’re sitting here

perceiving a universe

in 4 dimensions,

so much more

is going on

and we haven’t even begun

to scratch the surface.

Never be afraid again.

You are going places

that you’ve never imagined.

This is just a temporary thing,

don’t waste it on the lie;

it’s too important

that you go out of your mind.



didn’t I tell you

that it would all be different?

Maybe just a little at first,

but an idea

is the spark

that lit the universe.


HG – 2017



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