A Picture in a Frame

A photograph of you

used to mean so much,

used to say those words,

used to hold your touch,

but now they’re cheap

and love is gone;

the frame discarded

for another one.


My words were golden,

just like your hair.

Whenever we spoke,

whenever we could bear,

but I can’t remember

the last time

I said your name,

or you said mine.


I have a million pictures,

but none capture you.

Somewhere we divided ourselves

from the love,

from the truth.

Today became a distant thing;

an unrequited affair.

Simple as our beginnings,

there were no other things;

just you and I

and a tiny fire

we fed,

until it burned so hot,

we couldn’t deny.

We said the words

and made it fly,

Never to come down

for a lifetime.


All things wither

and all things die

and even if there’s only

one thing in my mind,

it will be you;

that first,

simple picture.

Nevermind the times,

I’m satisfied.

That one picture;

those few words;

are my whole world.


Erase the past,

misplace the pain;

I’d do it all again.

For that day,

is a picture in a frame.

Written on the back,

is your name

and that’s all I need these days.


HG -2017

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