A Smile

There is a smile,

deeper than where the skin spits.

A spark in the eye

that belies inner jubilation.

In fact,

the deeper we go,

the more intense the sensation

of joy, permeating

to the point

of madness.


A smile is an open wound

showing off our insides.

Our hidden and most precious things,

protected by our hands and teeth.

A smile is a warning shot,

baring teeth to show

just how likely we are to bite,

if anybody gets too close.


That curve of our lips

describes us shamelessly to the world.

A loud overture

that seeks no permission.

Stifle them

and cover them

and try to hide the fact

that you’re laughing inside

at some poor fool’s misfortune.


You eyes betray

the “Ha-ha-ha”

in your heart;

just let it tear you apart

and feel bad after.


Oh, we are woefully equipped

to deal with such gifts,

because the heart

and the mind

and the smile

make a perfect weapon.


I’m aiming mine at you.

You think I’m enjoying the sight

of your life,

but inside;

I’m tearing you apart

with my teeth.



and they say the world will smile with you.

I guess the world always has been

a dangerous place.


Have a nice day.




HG – 2017

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