So melodic,

each hammer string resonation,

drills into me

with the force of an event horizon.

Drawing me in,


from the feeling

of losing my mind.


Love is a rush of blood,

an unrelenting


and exhilaration.

Coming up for air

from a dark and deepest ocean.

Ravaging like fire

across the skin

and igniting the soul.

The breathing comes

in gasps

like being born,



We don’t fall in love.

Love is not like gravity,

love is that summoning,

drawing out

and into

uncharted reaches.

Beyond our own life

into another’s universe,

seeing the light


in their unyielding presence.


So much more

than just biological,




reacting to

stimulus and

neurons firing.

It’s like we are two atoms

in a nuclear furnace.

We bleed coronal mass ejections

like the Sun.


So destructive,

so essential;

that never would have been

without being born


A conflagration,

a singularity,

drawing in the sky

and the world

in its entirety.


Love is the heart of a star;

the arms

of a spiral galaxy

wrapping around us

drawing us into

the singularity.

No control,

no device

will defy proximity.

Life will never be the same

mingling our realities.



now one,

once more;

a million possibilities.


and intertwined,

existing in the same dimension.

What are the odds

we survive

this tremendous journey?

We are born

of the force

of the birth of everything.

Drawn together

in cosmic contraction.

You are you,

I am me,

desiring this polarity.

We are drawn

like all things

to be

a perfect entity.


HG – 2017

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