Road Trippin’

The wheels roll.

The wheels roll

and I roll with them.

Road Trip Rules;

no one speaks of the past miles.

No one complains about the music;

like the destination,

it doesn’t matter.


We have set our eyes on a place

as far away as the sky

and blasted off;

flat land our launch pad.

Marijuana rocket fuel,


road beers;

stupid, but fun.


The broken yellow line

slashes by

and our only concern

are the bugs hitting the windshield.

We stop the clean them off

and take a piss and imagine

that we have no more Mondays

in our bloodstreams,

no reverse in the transmission,

nowhere to turn around.

Just an insatiable need

to go forward

and not return,

until there are epic stories

from around the world.


Wide eyed optimists,

two towns over

feels like a trip abroad.

Turning around only becomes an option

when the weed runs out

and the gas gets low

and everyone remembers

that freedom is just a longer leash

and the weekend

is only 2 days long.


So wherever we stop,

is our destination.

Whatever we see,

is our Vision Quest completed.

By the light of a dimming Sun

and a campfire,

we burn away the last of our stash

and by morning,

we are citizens of this country again.

Heading home to Mom’s Sunday dinner,

Monday morning responsibilities

and another week

of the day to day grind.


But next weekend,

with inspired minds

and a full bag of pot,

we’ll blast off again.

Just a friendly road trip;

destination – unknown.

We’ll know it when we get there.


HG – 2017

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